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Sasha Prendes is a rising songstress whose storytelling + cinematic pop rock moody R&B is coming in hot! She emerged in 2019 and has been gaining attention with her new release "UNDERSTANDABLY” + “Stay (angry)” featuring the talented producers James Oliver III, Hanan Rubinstein, Chrona. 

Sasha was born in New Jersey and was raised by her Cuban parents in the great state of Kansas! Raised on disney sing-a-longs, classic salsa, pop, rock, R&B, and even country, Sasha's parents exposed her to all types of music. They realized very quickly Sasha's ability to sing but no one knew of her songwriting skills until later in life. Sasha's influences include Taylor Swift, evanescence, Sara Bareilles, Adele, Eli Sostre and others. By listening to other artists be so open and vulnerable about their experiences, Sasha felt compelled to tell her stories. She writes of unrequited love in "Sail Away", rock bottom in “Losing My Mind”, friends with benefits in "Yellow Sweater", don’t care anymore attitude in “UNDERSTANDABLY", falling in love with "Brooklyn", just to name a few... she always gets the last word.


about the artist

"Every song is written about someone and for someone. It's the one place I can say the things I was never able to say in person"

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